Innovative in Healthcare

CAPIS is an enterprise specialized in the research and development of new technologies, especially in different fields of digital signal processing, with an emphasis on children’s and adult healthcare. We have close contact with Mons University in Belgium and the Department of Innovation, Design, and Technology of Mälardalen University in Sweden and we offer patented products.
After more than 21 years of internationally elaborated research and developments, we offer a new product that automatically screens children’s heart diseases known:
Pouya-Heart is an Automated Digital Phonocardiograph. The screening accuracy of the digital phonocardiograph, Pouya-Heart, is by far higher than the accuracy of a typical pediatric cardiologist who invokes conventional auscultation or even computer-assisted auscultation.

Pouya-Heart is the result of elaborated research and development of more than 21 years with close contact with engineering schools and children’s university hospitals.

The technology of the automated digital phonocardiograph, Pouya-Heart, is based on our unique and internationally patented children's heart sound processing algorithm, the Arash-Band, and it has very close compliance with echocardiography interpreted by a pediatric cardiologist. Another interesting and highly demanded capability of the system is its discrimination power in distinguishing innocent murmurs from pathological murmurs.


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